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They say over confidence is never good. It brings in complacency. I experienced it on last Tuesday on my visit to Kuthampully, a small village in Palakkad (also known as Palaghat) in Kerala. I took the morning train leaving at 7 AM from Ernakulam Town Station. And I was confident to reach Kuthampully by 11 AM, since travelling time to Palakkad from Ernakulam by train is roughly three hours. As scheduled, the train reached Palakkad station by 10:30 AM. It is then, when I enquired the route to Kuthampully, came the eye opener.

Sometime we decide the course of the route by just reading one or two words from the address. In this case for me “Kuthampully, Palakkad District” gave me a notional idea that Kuthampully should be some place very near to the Palakkad railway station. Being born and bought up in Kerala, I shouldn’t have forgotten that Palakkad is the biggest of the 14 districts of the state and comprises of 11% of the total land area of the state. The Palakkad district was even bigger earlier. The 10th district of the state, Malappuram, was formed by carving out a large portion from the then Palakkad District.


Kuthampully village in Thiruvilwamala Gram Panchayat is close to 40 kms from Palakkad when you travel via Ottapalam, a town in the District. So finally, I had to reconcile to another road journey of one hour and more to reach the village of Kuthampully.

Historically, Kuthampully was the original centre for weaving of traditional attires of Kerala like Kasavu Sarees, Mundu and Neriyathu. Kuthampully became the centre of this tradition after weavers from Karnataka were brought in the eighteenth century by the then rulers of Cochin Kingdom and settled them in Kuthampully to weave clothing materials exclusively for the members of the royal family. Kuthampully Saree is a type of Sari traditionally made by weavers here and they are distinguished by its Saree borders.


In 1972 Kuthampully Handloom Industrial Cooperative Society was registered with 102 members. Now it has 814 members with own building in Kuthampully. In September 2011, the Kuthampully Saree got exclusive Intellectual Property rights through Geographical indication Act (GI).

Kuthampully dhoties and set mundu (also known as mundum neriyathum) weaved here has been registered under Sub-section (1) of Section 13 of Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999 with effect from 13 November 2015. The registration was recorded as per an application made by KuthampullyHandloom Cluster Charitable Society Consortium.

During my two days of stay at Kuthampully, I associated rareitis with many traditional weavers involved in manufacturing in these beautiful products. A walk through the streets of this small village will make you realise that every household in Kuthampully is associated with this traditional business in some or the other way. The entire village and its economic and demographic structure is weaved around this traditional art.

That evening, a sense of satisfaction prevailed, while travelling to my next destination Coimbatore. I had with me the registration of three leading weaving houses of Kuthampully in our website, who have an array of products to be showcased in our website. This will ensure a wide range of original Products for our customers on rareitis made by the weavers themselves.


At rareitis, we continue with our tradition of finding the original Handlooms and Artifacts for our customers across the globe. Our tagline “if it’s here, it’s original” is a promise to our customers and the only reason why our customers flock to us again and again.

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