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Dear Friend Ganesha, Stay with us Hamesha!

Adorable, captivating, intriguing, child-like, yet a wise and powerful leader, an awe-inspiring embodiment of Divinity and the manifest form of Om . . . the dearest of all – Ganesha. Swami Swaroopananda.


Our dear friend Gajanana is coming to live with us for the next ten days leaving his parents Shiva and Parvathi at Kailash Parbat. With him, he brings lots of happiness and joy along with blessings for his dear devotees. Lets play the perfect host to this special guest and dedicate the days he is with us on his devotion and prayers, because there can’t be a better guest to come to our home than our cute little chubby pot belly sporting Lambodara. Lets keep our surroundings and minds clean from all kind of visible and invisible filth which may be there in our homes, surroundings and in ourselves. Lets ensure a clean environment for our Ganapati Bappa to play around with our kids. He likes them very much, plays with them and resides in their innocent hearts.

It is no secret that our Vakartunda likes Sweets, and Modaks being his favourite. Lets download the best of the Modak recipes and try it out to serve him. Nothing can be more joyous than to offering Modaks to our dear fiend Sumukha while he is at our home. He is our dear all season Mangalamurthy, ensuring peace and purity in our daily lives. Our esteemed Prathameshwara is also our vigil Vighanharta who removes every obstacle in our way and lead all our deeds to it’s desired fulfilment. Having the compassionate Ekadantha around us gives us a sense of confidence and safety. Bappa Mourya’s smiling glance while sitting on our Vehicle’s dash board livens up our faces and makes us more responsible while driving, bringing all of us safe back to our home.

In these ten days of living among us, beloved Sidhivinayaka showers his blessings and love to all of us. The Skandapurvaja is the god of love and harmony. Musikvahana is the symbol of cleanliness and prosperity. The Mrityunjaya is there to conquer all our fear. His coming to live among us and leaving us back after ten days is only symbolic to teach us how we can live harmoniously with love and care for each other. Otherwise, the Kripalu is always among us and staying in each of our home. He is the Kshipra who is always there with the one who is truthful to himself and others. He is there for the rich and the poor, strong and the weak, young and the old. He is the Vidyapati constantly living with us who knows everything and guides our path through all the times.

Come this Chathurthi, let’s seek the path where we not only do good for ourselves but also try to do good for everyone around us. Lets be kind to the poor and underprivileged without any prejudice. Let’s be compassionate to the elderly and caring towards the young. Let’s forgive others for their mistakes and show them the virtuousness of forgiveness. Lets help the needy and support the ill. This way we can ensure that our cute, beautiful, brilliant, all-powerful, immanent, wondrous, kind, compassionate Ganesha stay with us Hamesha.


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