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I checked in to the Hotel in Delhi by midnight of 24th Oct. I reached here from Agra by Shatabdi Express, and the last thing I wanted was the comforts of a bed.


I had a good sleep that night and in the morning, after having a typical Delhi breakfast comprising of AlooParatha and curd along with a hot masala chai, I moved out to meet Sellers, whom I had already discussed and exchanged notes with and are interested to be part of rareitis. In all my journey and meetings, I was in continuous quest of finding original manufacturers of these rare products we showcase in our website.


While in Delhi, I met Mr. Abhisek, basically from Amritsar , having his manufacturing set ups for shawls, carpets and rugs in the same place. He settled in Ghaziabad where he has got his warehouse and office. Being from Amritsar , one can see his passion for these items especially like Pashmina shawls. He has a set of skilful weavers of Pashmina and merino at Ghaziabad, Amritsar and Kashmir. Apart from the shawls and stoles he is also making Duppattas which are completely hand woven and also hand-painted . Some of his exquisite works include fusion of kalamkari, kullu, kantha work on shawls and duppattas. I also had a chance to visit his Ghaziabad Unit where the artisans were into curving and tying loose threads on both ends of Duppattas. I also had an interaction with these weavers on the quality control they maintain and how they defy all modernized machines to come out with quality products continuously. He has the penchant to understand the trend in the fashion industry and accordingly keep variations in the weaving style and updates in the motifs.


During my visits at various other places in Delhi, I came across a very fascinating phrase ” Can you imagine a Women without Pashmina”. A very defining line about the class this product holds in the lives of women, particularly from the North India where winter is at its extreme.


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