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Unlike other cultural festivals of India, Dussehra is unique for its feminine divinity. Falling in the month of Ashwin according to the Hindu Lunar calendar, Dussera is a culmination of Navarathri, the 9 nights signifying manifestations of goddess Shakthi.

Adorable, captivating, intriguing, child-like, yet a wise and powerful leader, an awe-inspiring embodiment of Divinity and the manifest form of Om.

The Krishna inside me-a dutiful son, a lover, a caring husband, a true friend, a guru, a fearless warrior and a Great ruler.

Hindu festivals revolve around the essence of good over evil, peaceful co-existence among all movable and immovable living beings, family values and human relationship.

Rakshabandhan which falls on the full moon of Shravan month, marks the start of the Hindu Festive season. Rakshabandhan or simply the festival of Rakhi, has a special place in all our’s lives with lot of memories for all of us to cherish.

If you ask a person to name the popular Indian clothing which comes first in their mind, the chances are five out of ten will name Saree. And if the person answering the question is a foreigner, then this probability is as high as eight or nine out of ten.

Lets start with some basic question
How many of us own a handloom product? Do we really know what a handloom is? Can we make out the difference between a hand-loom and a power-loom fabric?

The coastal district of Kannur (formerly known as Cannanore) in Kerala had always been in limelight for wrong reasons. A district with a strong presence of all the three major political factions the LDF, UDF and the NDA has seen a spate of political unrest from the last two decades and more.

Team rareitis visited Kaithun Village in Kota District on 16th April. We have been in discussion with Haji Abdul Hakim Kachara and his son Asgar Ali Kachara for a while and the visit was to meet these greats in person.

They say over confidence is never good. It brings in complacency. I experienced it on last Tuesday on my visit to Kuthampully, a small village in Palakkad (also known as Palaghat) in Kerala. I took the morning train leaving at 7 AM from Ernakulam Town Station.


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